The famous candies that contain both menthol and eucalyptus oil a mouth anti-septic of the medicinal characteristics.
 ZAHI candies are available in two shapes: sticks and flow-packs wrapped and sealed in a way that preserves the product without any specifications change because the pieces are isolated from the elements.

Available Flavors
 The product is available in five flavors: mentholyptus condensed, mentholyptus mild, mentholyptus cherry, mentholyptus orange, mentholyptus lemon with natural honey.

sugar, glucose, eucalyptus oil, menthol, citric acid, flavors, and nutritional colors

The product validity is printed on each stick.

      •  Zahi stick
        (Pack with 20 sticks of 9 pcs each)
      •  Zahi flow-pack
         (Pack with 100 pcs.)




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