ZAHI for industry & trading founded in 1958 in the field of importing, exporting and distributing food stuffs. In 1983, Zahi entered with its trading expertise the field of manufacturing high quality candies and having developed further, it entered the field of chewing gum making and then the caramel by means of applying the best international standards and norms. Nowadays, Zahi is very proud of its long experience in the industry of candies, chewing gum and caramel.

ZAHI is the brand name that gained both the satisfaction and confidence of the consumers throughout many years because it is always manufacturing the good and advanced products. We are always known for our search for the best to properly develop our manufacturing of candies, chewing gums and caramel in compliance with demands of the modern times and the international stipulations and specifications. As we have paid very great attention to present our products within unique and attractive packaging with favorable unique flavors to those who are looking for quality and perfection. For this end, we are using high-quality raw materials and advanced preparation methods. Again, all our products are automatically wrapped and packed within unique packaging.

ZAHI has already got the international quality certificate ISO 9001:2000 and environment management system for foodstuffs, ISO 14001:2004 and HACCP from the German certification TUV CERT.

ZAHI has a laboratory that is equipped with the most up-to-date instruments for conducting all types of lab analyses (physical, chemical, microbiological) on both the raw materials used in the production process and the finished products, too.

ZAHI is enjoying the production of different varieties of candies, chewing gum and caramel with sundry of flavors. It produces candies with sugar and sugarless (diet), the liquid center filled chewing gum as well as the plain and center filled caramel. ZAHI has been distinguished by the products in whose ingredients are included menthol and eucalyptus oil such as; candies of ZAHI, ICEBERG sugarless, since menthol substance helps in opening the breathing ducts, and eucalyptus oil is a substance that is an anti-septic for the throat and those two substances give the consumer the feeling of continuous refreshment and mildness. So the smokers can administer them at any time as deodorants to smoke odor of the mouth to be replaced by refreshment. 

ZAHI has a local distribution network inside Syria with branches in the southern, northern, central and coastal areas and it has a center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.



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